Students Community

In keeping with the principles listed on the opening page of this website, we are building a community that is undertaking an important investigation into how beauty can restore people, places and the quality of lives. The principles have been with us since the beginning of this endeavour and consciously guide the creation of this program. The strength of this community and the impact of the contribution it can make, depends on the mix and interweaving of people from different countries, cultures, backgrounds, educational experiences, passions, hopes and dreams. So, it is important that we get to know each other as each person works through the process of coming to a decision to formally apply for the program. Experiencing what this community is, will inform the decision of each prospective student.

As people get in touch with us to explore the program and how it can help them meet their personal and professional goals, we invite them to engage with each other and us. From each conversation, we learn more about how to develop the program in ways that support each prospective student. As we speak with students who have expressed an interest in the program, they are invited into a private Slack space in which they can have continuing conversations with each other and us. We believe such conversations are important to establishing the community that will carry the work of Building Beauty forward in a way that embraces the interests and passions of everyone who gets involved.

On this page, you are briefly introduced to our community of students, present and future, currently talking on Slack with Building Beauty staff and with each other.


2017-18 Students

Nationality: Puerto Rico (USA)
Age: 48


I’ve read Christopher Alexander’s work for years. To learn/practice APL, empirical-principle/emotion-based beauty making that WORKS + transcends/corrects style.


I’m thrilled to find people who teach and care about what I have found most beautiful about architecture.

Nationality: Iran
Age: 23

Nationality: Slovenia
Age: 22


I am so grateful to everyone that made Building Beauty possible and look forward to being part of it! It teaches what I always cared about and wanted to learn.


I am interested in studying the beautiful cities of the past and how they can inspire us to build better cities today!

Nationality: USA
Age: 25

Nationality: USA
Age: 28


I have been looking for my people, and it appears, to my surprise and delight, they are you.


There has to be an alternative way to think about built spaces than just as machines that serves quantifiable aspects. There’s so much more detail about and around us in simplicity and in simple forms.

Nationality: India
Age: 26

Nationality: South Africa
Age: 49


Humbled and inspired to be part of a diverse community of intergenerational learners, practitioners and educators.

Prospective Students

Nationality: USA
Age: 49


What drove me here? Pattern Language guides me, architect-builder 25 years, working to make beautiful places for my people.  Building Beauty is re-centering to guide MAKING next 25 years.


Hope to find a truly holistic approach to what creation is about and how to create consciously and to find people who share the same.

Nationality: Czech
Age: 25

Nationality: India
Age: 25


I am excited to be part of a community genuinely working towards an architecture which inspires and makes one feel alive in this day and age.


Intermittent seeker of the good, the beautiful and the real. Went for studies to Holland, working as a designer for 10 years… and now what?

Nationality: Germany
Age: 42

Nationality: Germany
Age: 30


I want to find out how beauty evolves and how we can assist the process.