Learning Journal

Some stories and scenes from the work that our students are engaged in, as they investigate the kind of beauty that makes a difference in the world, following the 13 Principles that appear on the first page of this website. The journal begins at the bottom of the page.

Site Analysis and Project Language for the Sant’Anna Institute

APRIL 2018

Following months of study and analysis of the Sant’Anna garden, we have finally completed our report and proposal, and submitted it to our client – the Sant’Anna Institute management. Following are two heartwarming reactions that we have just received:

– From Olga Stinga, Director of Sant’Anna Institute:

The presence of Building Beauty at Sant’Anna has been such a pleasure for the Institute and the rest of the community. Thanks to the works being carried out in our garden by the participants of the Building Beauty, we have come to more profoundly understand the interrelatedness of beauty and practicality. Watching their design transform from an idea to a reality has been inspiring and I am happy to say that the students and their collaborators will leave a lasting mark on our Institute.

– From our teaching staff at Building Beauty:

The Site Analysis and Project Language for the Sant’Anna Institute is the students’ summary of their work in the first term of Building Beauty. It is a significant contribution to the Institute and the learning community we are a part of. Guided by The Nature of Order and Christopher Alexander’s colleagues of many years, it is a prime example of how to prepare the ground for living architecture to be enhanced and built, extending the wholeness of community, structures, and the natural environment around them. The students have given their all to this effort, and the teaching staff congratulates them on both the high quality of their work, and the heart they have put into it.

You can download a copy of the Site Analysis and Project Language Report here.